Helping Establish a Remembrance of Every Serviceperson



      How may I help?

You may volunteer your time and talent to work with the Committee. 

You may volunteer your construction experience and expertise (or that of your friend or neighbor).

You may volunteer your labor.

You may participate in our fundraising activities.

You may help spread the word of our program and contact your City Council members to indicate your support.  (A link to the City of San Dimas will be found under “links.”


      Do you accept donations or contributions?


This is a true community effort and we need the financial support of San Dimas residents and businesses to make this dream a reality.  We will accept all donations.  There are donation containers at various businesses throughout the City.  Checks should be made payable to San Dimas Community Foundation/Heroes Fund and mailed to P.O. Box 4216, San Dimas 91773.


Military Banner Program

      Where will the banners be hung?

Currently, the banners are hanging on Foothill Blvd., San Dimas Ave., and Covina Blvd.

      When will the banners be hung?

San Dimas City Councilmembers graciously offered City staff to hang the banners, and tentatively scheduled them for the first week of each month.

      How long will the banners remain hanging?

They will remain until the serviceperson is discharged or until the permanent memorial is erected.

      What happens to the banner once it is removed?

The banner will be given to the serviceperson’s family.

     My child is currently serving in the Armed Forces but is
     stationed in the United States.  Does he/she still qualify?

Yes.  Once an individual has completed Basic Training, and is on Active Duty, he/she becomes eligible.

     What if my child is currently serving overseas and
     I don't have a copy of his/her military ID?

Please go ahead and submit the application.  Ask your son or daughter to mail you a copy and forward it to us when you can.

Permanent Monument Program

      Where is the Monument going to be located?

The proposed location is on the corner of San Dimas Ave. and W. Commercial St., just south of the Park and Ride lot behind Goodyear (see Monument page).

      Who is paying for the monument?

This is a community project – through various fundraising efforts and corporate contributions, we hope to obtain all funds required for construction.  Donations are currently being accepted and levels of sponsorship are being determined. 

      Who is building the monument?

We are looking for in-kind contributions from local businesses – i.e., architects, contractors, electricians, landscapers, etc.

      Who may I nominate for inclusion?

You may nominate any family member (mother, father, grandfather, great-great grandfather, son, daughter, etc.) as long as they meet the San Dimas residency requirement.  A link to obtaining military records is on our site.

     Does the veteran have to be a San Dimas
     or California native?

No.  It does not matter where the veteran was born as long as he/she lived in San Dimas for at least one year.

     Does the veteran have to be a resident of San Dimas at the
    time of enlistment?

No.  It does not matter where the veteran lived when first enlisted, as long as he/she lived in San Dimas for at least one year.

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