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Order an Engraved Brick/Paver


As a major part of its fundraising efforts, San Dimas H.E.R.O.E.S. is offering personalized brick/pavers that will surround the monument and fountain. Pavers are available to the general public and may be in honor or memory of anyone. San Dimas residency is not a requirement. However, all text is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of San Dimas Community Foundation.

The brick/pavers will be of varying sizes and colors. A 6" x 6" paver will be available for $125 and will offer three lines for personalization, with 18 characters per line. The 6" x 12" paver will also offer three lines, with 21 characters per line, and cost $225.00. The 12" x 12" paver will allow 21 characters per line, and will hold four lines (see order form for pricing). Letters and spaces count as individual characters. The 12" x 12" may also be used for a corporate or organizational logo (camera-ready art required) or, if desired, one may choose to have a standard military emblem engraved along with the personalization. If an emblem or logo is desired, two lines will be available for personalization.

Additionally, the brick/pavers will be of blended colors and hues. Due to the manufacturing process and architectural design, the location and color of individual pavers may not be specified nor guaranteed. All pavers will be inscribed with upper case lettering centered in a standard sans serif font.

Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Examples of inscriptions:

6" x 6"
IN HONOR OF (11 characters)
RONALD BRANCH, USN (18 characters)
WORLD WAR II (12 characters)

6" x 12"
THANK YOU VETERANS (18 characters)
THOMAS COATES & STAFF (21 characters)
1-WAY TRAVEL COMPANY (20 characters)

12" x 12"
TO HONOR OUR FATHER & (21 characters)
GRANDFATHER, A. BROWN (21 characters)
CAPTAIN, USA, VIETNAM (21 characters)
DAVID BROWN FAMILY (18 characters)

Click HERE for the printable brick/paver order form.

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